Are you ready to turn your passion for horses into your own equine business?  Then my step-by-step guide is the book for you.  How do you know what I have to say will work for you? I know because the methodology I developed has worked for me time and time again.  I’ve combined my 20 year corporate career in the information systems industry with owning and operating Pendleton Farm for 20 years.  The methods I’ve developed have evolved over time through many iterations and could benefit you and your business.  Work with me to decide if your horses are a hobby or a business.  

As an Equine Business Consultant, you can benefit from my firsthand experience without recreating the wheel.  While my book is written for the horse business, the concepts apply to all businesses that might be considered a hobby by the IRS.  The most important thing is your intent to make a profit along with the demonstration of actually doing so over time.  “Horse Hobby or Equine Business” is an easy to read explanation of a complex subject.  This is the only book that I'm aware of showing you how to create an effective business plan, and then how to tie it to specific equine practices and processes.  Work with me to transform your hobby into a business.

"If you don’t have dreams, you can’t get there"

"Horse Hobby or Equine Business" is a business book for the horse industry including trainers, horse and horse farm owners, CPAs, Tax Attorneys and Academic Institutions with Equine Programs.  The methodology provides the Plans, Practices and Processes needed to establish Intent for Profit as defined by the IRS.

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Meet Cindy

Cindy McCarthy is the owner of Pendleton Farm in Davis, California, an equine business that focuses on hunters and jumpers. Developing hunters and jumpers includes purchasing or breeding horses, riding, schooling, competing and managing the equine athlete. In addition, Cindy consults with clients who value her expertise. Before starting her business, she worked for companies like IBM, Unitech Systems (now Infogix) and Visa International. During her corporate years, Cindy won many awards for her outstanding leadership in sales and marketing, growth in revenues and profit, and customer service.

She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly in Pomona, California.


“Life’s short, don’t pass up on anything good”


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Book Talk

Thursday November 9th @ 6pm

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"Horse Hobby Or Equine Business"

Author: Cindy McCarthy

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Saturday December 2nd: 2 - 4pm
Book signing immediately afterwards

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The Virginia Horse Shows Association
Annual Meeting & Convention
December 1st ~ 3rd, 2017
The Homestead
Hot Springs, Virginia

The 2017 VHSA Annual Meeting and Convention will be held the weekend of December 1, 2017, at the beautiful Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.  The weekend has many different activities for all.  We are holding two different Clinics this year.  Both Clinics will be held on Saturday afternoon, December 2nd.  

The second Clinic is the Horse Hobby or Equine Business Clinic.  The authors of the book Horse Hobby or Equine Businness, Ms. Cindy McCarthy and Ms. Michael Farnam will be our Clinicians for this clinic.  The Clinic will be based on the book which is a business book for the horse industry.  The target market includes trainers, horse and horse farm owners, CPAs and tax attorneys.  It provides the plans, practices and processes needed to establish intent for profit as defined by the IRS.  This very informative Clinic is open to all free of charge and will begin at 2:00 p.m.



Terree Castanias, C.P.A., Retired Partner, KPMG LLP

“It’s always an education process to understand the IRS requirements.  In some cases,
I have to say, you can’t do this.  But if you have the kind of business plan and documentation that this book describes, then it is a very different story.  If you are a trainer, boarding farm owner/manager, or really anyone else in any type of hobby/business, this book is for you.  The book not only gives you a framework for evaluating your business plans, but also explains in detail how to go about developing a business model that can be used by you, a banker, an IRS agent, etc. to show how you intend to run your business and ultimately make a profit.  The most important thing is your intent to make a profit along with the demonstration of actually doing so over time.”


Julie Winkel, Maplewood Stables

“This book is a great resource for my ‘Horse Industry Training Program’ as well as for any young professional interested in the horse business!”


Jenny Young, In and Around Horse Country Publication “Jenny’s Picks"

"I was very impressed by the author's attention to detail and the enormous amount of work that obviously went into her tables and information...if you're serious about a horse business, she's serious about telling you how to survive the IRS audit... Highly recommended — and take the time to read it thoroughly!  (You might even want to get one for your accountant!"
Read the review here. (PDF)


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